¦ The glass or aluminium heating body contributes to the best heat exchange, like normal wet central heating but without any pipes.
¦ The thermodynamic fluid(used in the future range), in conjunction with the stainless steel heating element favours optimum circulation and quickly diffuses heat on the entire exchange surface of the radiator.and with the glass Fussion range using an energy efficient dry element,with a unique heated glass feature.

¦ These radiators have been designed for the installer to be quick and easy to install, with features such as pre-wired electrical connections and fast fit, simple, secure assembly wall fixing brackets kit. They have a high resolution LCD screen strategically placed on the top of the radiator with 3 high resistance and silicon keys making its handling simple and ergonomic.

.This is a responsive electric heating system that works on any "unrestricted" electricity supply, economy 10 or any other tariff (contact your supplier for details), Thermo-dynamic electric radiators & towel rails using only the exact amount of energy that each radiator requires. Due to the advanced wireless heating control©' 9 hours of continuous heat will use a maximum of 5 to 6 Kw of electricity (based on 1kw radiator). It is ideal for installations where there is no gas or oil supply and requires no boiler, pump, under floor wiring, expensive servicing or annual maintenance.

.Acesol electric radiators can also replace old electric storage heaters using the existing wiring and are considerably cheaper to run and controllable. is created by the combination of thermofluid filled radiators, of heat retaining glass or an aluminium construction stylish designs, and electric controls that automatically calculate the required electricity flow, with all the electricity used converted directly into heat. Each radiator is effectively a central heating unit with its own electronic lockable thermostat providing heat with unique flexibility and controllability. .



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