Many Commercial and domestic customers have requirements for Electric Heating, and traditionally it has always been seen that the use of Storage or Panel Heaters are the only options available, mainly because there were no other alternatives available. Until Now!

We can offer advisory calculation ,installation service and estimate of costs.

New generation Electric Radiators offer an unrivalled performance, and combined with the controllability options allow the customer a choice of units that both look and work like a conventional wet radiator system.

We offer Elnur .

Energy savings are a major feature of these innovative energy efficient radiators and substantial savings can be achieved when compared with Storage, Convector or Panel Heaters. Indeed with the latest controls available, meeting the SAP requirements of Part L has never been easier

When compared with the total costs involved with installing a full wet heating system, our electric radiators will always come out less expensive. This is due to the minimal installation cost. Furthermore ongoing life cycle costs of running a conventional Gas, LPG or Oil central Heating system have to be taken into account, these are typically the annual safety check,maintenence and servicing costs

Because electric heating is inexpensive to install, maintain and lasts an average of 50% longer than a gas system, the true ownership costs will be a nasty shock for gas or oil users. For specifiers and landlords, electric heating has always been a relatively low cost installation and management option and now that gas kWh prices are increasing, it’s prompting the end user and particularly those on lower incomes to re-evaluate their heating and save costs.

With dwindling supplies and soaring energy costs, the cost of heating is re-emerging as a topic of conversation as consumers, and especially those in fuel poverty, are feeling the pinch in their pockets. It’s forcing people to wake up to the fact that the crucial figure with heating is the total lifetime ownership cost and it’s where electric makes sense as the first choice for heating systems.

Each radiator works independently and can be programmed to match precise heat requirements throughout the day, allowing you to reduce energy use by as much as 25% depending upon the system already installed.

Each thermostat is equipped with a lockable option and an intelligent thermostat gauges the exact amount of power required and therefore, only draws the required power to maintain temperature. NO WASTE.

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