Weatherproof outdoor Quartz Heater 1.5kw

The Consort QZWP15 1.5 kW waterproof patio and terrace heater is IP65 rated making to totally weatherproof and dustproof. It is ideal for heating a patio, terrace or an outdoor smoking area. The heater utilizes the high energy, shortwave output of quartz halogen lamps. Short wave high intensity radiant heat, like sunlight, provides warmth that can be felt the moment the heater is switched on. The polished aluminium reflector ensures the heat is directed to a specific area and the glass-free front ensures maximum thermal efficiency. These features make the QZWP15 a significantly more environmentally friendly product for heating outdoor areas compared to gas heaters, which are much less efficient as much of the heat goes straight up into the atmosphere.
The QZWP15 is clean, silent, emits no smells and is virtually maintenance free. The running costs are very low at around 23p per hour – approximately 1/3rd of the total running costs of gas systems.

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